2020 Got You Feeling Unbalanced? Incorporate These 5 Things To Your Morning Routine This Week!

Updated: Aug 11

With the current climate we are in, self-care and claiming your peace is essential. As a woman, a minority and a manager; life is testing my sanity. I am sure it is testing yours too.

Covid-19 and the civil unrest had me feeling triggered throughout the week. I had to make sudden changes to my daily routines, my thought patterns and my methods of communication. I felt my days were becoming more chaotic, anxiety stricken and a little hard to manage. In search of methods to help me cultivate more peace and harmony in my day, I started reaching daily practices to help achieve some stability and control. Knowing that I was not alone, I started researching what others, especially people I admire, were doing to cope with the sudden disruptions to our everyday lives. What is Oprah doing? What are successful CEO’s doing? What are my sane friends doing? I found tons of ideas and put them into practice for a few weeks to see what worked.

Here are 5 things I incorporated in my daily routine to help me achieve peace and control daily.

Wake up with a sense of gratitude

During quarantine, my husband’s workday starts about an hour before mine. Thankfully, that gives me much appreciated alone time in the morning. I spend about 40 minutes to an hour in prayer, meditation and keeping a journal of my thoughts as soon as I wake up. Many times this happens before I leave the bed. My focus is being grateful and giving God my first fruits of the day. Depending on my plan for the day, I always pray that they align with God’s plan for my life and my day. I take in the blessings of life, choice, health and wealth. I find this helps ground me and give me clarity for the day.

Hydrate before anything!

Depending on what I ate the night before, this may come before or after my meditation. But I drink 1-2 glasses of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice) before digesting anything. I haven’t always done this, but I realized how much more settled my stomach felt by doing this vs. my usual coffee first thing ( this is also a great metabolism booster) After a few minutes, I brew a K-cup of Peet’s Café Domingo Medium coffee with Califia Farms Coconut and Almond milk creamer. So Good!!!!

Drink your Greens!

My first “meal” of the day is typically a green juice. I buy about 4- 5 bottles for the week. I find that they give me great energy and really help me balance my weight. Especially during quarantine. It also helps me feel like I’m “fasting” because I won’t need solid food for another 60 to 90 minutes after drinking a bottle. My favorites are by Suja and Blueprint. Thank me later!

Structure your Day

To be honest, organizing is not my strong suit so I use multiple tools to keep me in check. I typically will write my task list for the week and then section them off by days. I also flag my to do’s online and assign alarms to them. I try to knock out the simple easy 5-minute stuff first. Longer projects are blocked out in hour increments. I always allot more time for longer projects than I realistically think to allow for the random interruptions throughout the workday. It helps gives me a realistic picture of my day. Once I tackled my list, I will check with my team via Whats app or Microsoft Teams. AFTER that, I start to dig in my email. Checking emails will almost always take you down a rabbit hole so I try to start looking at my inbox an hour after my workday starts. Because I report to senior management, I do assign a special alert for my boss and VIPs in case an important email come through in the early mornings. Thankfully, I have a boss who doesn’t send unimportant emails daily..only those that really need to be actioned.

Get a workout In!

During quarantine, this typically doesn’t happen in the morning but at the end of my workday. I find that I am less rushed and more mentally prepared for harder workouts at the end of the day. I also have a fantastic workout partner (shout out to my hubby) who also prefers the afternoon workouts. I aim for 4 -5 days a week. But sometimes, it’s 3 days and sometimes it’s 6. Wherever I end up, I make slight changes to my meals to account for the calories burned (Thank God for the Apple watch). I am determined to not gain the quarantine 15! Pre-Covid, morning workouts were a must because my workdays did not always end early enough for evening workouts.

Ok one more

Staying connected to my loved ones. I try to connect with my parents, siblings and friends daily. Phone calls and face-time to check in on their days and mine. I find that it causes me to worry less about hypothetical situations that I cannot control. Not knowing how everyone was doing caused me more anxiety.. so annoyingly enough, I check in almost daily. Some of my family members find this annoying but I do think they appreciate the friendly check ins.

How do I feel after trying this for a few weeks? Less anxious, more balanced, more present, less reactive and more spiritually connected. These past few months have made me realize that we can only do so much to control the outcome and actions of others. If I stay balanced, grounded and faithful, God will continue to guide my path. Let it be in peace.

What are your coping methods and routines? Drop them below.. You never know how your story can inspire others.

Chasing Dreams,


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