Golden Milk

Updated: Aug 13

Why you need this creamy deliciousness in your life.

I first heard about golden milk about a year ago and told myself I would try it but never got around to it. The drink had a ton of health benefits such as reducing inflammation, improvement to brain function, boost immune system, prevention to certain types of cancers, aids in digestion, eases anxiety and helps you sleep better at night. Some health conditions that can be improved by golden milk include

· high cholesterol

· heartburn

· stomach pain, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis

· diarrhea

· intestinal gas

· stomach bloating

· bronchitis

· colds

Fast forward to the 2020 pandemic, I developed the worst case of anxiety and it was affecting my sleep. I started researching different types of supplements and decided to give golden milk a try.

My first attempt was ok. Tasty but needed a little kick. But the next morning, I remember waking up feeling a bit more refreshed than most mornings. So I tried it again the next nigh ant and added a little more cinnamon for flavor and loved it. After trying it for 3 nights straight, I was a believer. The drink is super relaxing and is filled with so much flavor! The best part is that it’s super easy and quick to make. I prefer it hot and right before bed. It helped me achieve a nice deep sleep that left me feeling energized in the morning. It has become my new guilt free pleasure in the evenings… I have been drinking for almost a week straight. Definitely a must try… glad I did!

If you are interested in trying it.. this is a super easy recipe here that you can whip up. Let me know what you think!


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