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Updated: Jul 27

5 Books that Changed My Life ….And will change yours too!

When I was a kid, I had the biggest obsession with reading books. To the point my mom banned reading books from the dinner table! My sister and I would show up to dinner every night with some book in hand and taking no part in conversations at dinner. We soon learned our lesson. Books have a way of connecting you to places, things and experiences your mind ( or life) may not organically connect with. Reading is reinvesting in self and (in my opinion) one of the easiest ways you can promote self evolution and self- growth. Here are 5 books that have had a lasting impact on my life and I guarantee will have an impact on yours too.

The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder

Single-handily, this book completely changed my perspective on food and how to eat.After reading this book, I removed dairy, red meat and pork from my diet completely. Not only did it have a profound impact on my body, but also my overall well-being. I read this book over 10 years ago and still apply the fundamentals and teachings to my life today. A bonus- feeding your body what it truly needs to thrive will also help you keep a balanced body weight. I can say that ever since I applied these practices, I never had an issue maintaining a healthy weight. It help me create a lifestyle (not a diet) that I live by. It’s a definite must read!

Give Me 40 Days By Freeda Bowers

I made a long post about this book few months ago and just recently read it again this year. This book is a life changer! Full disclosure, It is a religious book deeply rooted in the teachings of the bible. The reference to 40 Days is the 40 days of prayer for 40 mins a day this book will challenge you to practice. It sounds intense but it is so worth it. The goal is to deepen your relationship with Christ and learn how to pray for others and hear His voice. Within the 40 days, you will feel God’s hand moving things in your life. Miracles really do happen! I met my husband during my first 40 day experience and I sincerely felt my 40 days of prayer led me to him. I recently did this challenge again with a group of ladies and it was the most amazing experience. This book will change you!

Becoming by Michelle Obama

This book needs no introduction or summary. A beautiful autobiography from the most accomplished, graceful and inspiring First Lady our nation has ever seen. This book delivers so many gems, self-reflection and insight into the real life of our First Family. Let me live in nostalgia please! Michelle’s journey as a young black women growing up in Chicago to attending an Ivy League university, building a career as a lawyer, meeting and marrying Barack ( while still living at home) and the trials and tribulations of a new mom BEFORE becoming our Nation’s First Lady is astounding. Relatable and so inspiring. We literally can change the entire trajectory of our lives and can do it with grace, empathy and generosity. The book made me fall in love with Barack and Michelle all over again.

Atomic Habits By James Clear

This book was such an easy read but was so impactful! This book gives you practical yet easy strategies to build better habits and eliminate bad ones. You want to workout 4 times a week? Become more productive? Save more money? This book will help you implement small changes to your daily life that can have a lasting and powerful impact. I learned so much from this read and use these gems everyday to help me stay on track. You will not be disappointed!

Smart Women Finish Rich By David Bach

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this book, I think a realtor suggested it to me in my early 20s and I am forever grateful I read it. I have recommended this book to so many women! This book completely changed my relationship with money and helped me envision where I wanted my future self to be. Another practical guide on how to approach money, how to save and how to invest in your future- most importantly, your retirement. It’s a wonderful guide for women who want to use time and money to create the best opportunities for her future.

If you check out any of these books, I would love to hear your thoughts! If you have any recommend reads, please drop your gems below!

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